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Nina Kojima is a London-based film director, writer, and TV and radio journalist, with over 26 years’ experience. She started her career at the public broadcasting service Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVSLO), where she became one of the leading voices on the popular radio show Val 202. She was a morning host, day editor, cultural news editor and even Eurovision Song Contest commentator.


As a journalist she interviewed many prime ministers and presidents, including a live broadcast with Bill Clinton during his 1999 visit to Slovenia. Alongside her radio job she worked on national television, where she created and became editor-in-chief of Slovenia’s first-ever student TV show, Student Street, which ran for many years.


Nina left Slovenia for London and from 2003 onwards worked as a foreign correspondent, covering politics and current affairs from the UK and Ireland. She is a member of the Downing Street Press Lobby and was an elected member of the committee for the Foreign Press Association.


Nina established her media company, Partisan Media, in 2012, and in 2017 completed an MA in Film Directing at The Met Film School, based at London’s Ealing Studios. Her academic experience is long and varied – she has two additional MAs in Philosophy and Sociology of Culture and is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Space Science.


She finds time for all this alongside her day job of filming short films, feature films and documentaries. 

Vida Breze is an award-winning, London-based, director, actor and screenwriter. She holds a Master’s degree in Directing Fiction from Goldsmiths College, London (2018) and an MA in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2009).

Vida has been successfully acting on screen since 2001. As an international actor she’s worked in countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, Egypt and the UK. She is a distinguished, versatile character actor with a strong on-screen presence and charisma, as well as a wide emotive range. In addition to this, Vida has been directing and screenwriting since 2010.

Her expansive knowledge of culture and the arts is reflected in her visual eloquence. Her acting experience contributes to her considerable abilities in directing performances, and her background as a ballerina, contemporary dancer and choreographer lend themselves to her productions’ mise-en-scène.

Moreover, as both director and actor she has been working through a wide range of visual formats and genres in feature films, short films, TV series and documentaries to a variety of videos (TV Slovenia and independent productions) and has achieved high acclaim for her work.

For her hybrid TV series Plesi od povsod/Dances from Everywhere at TV Slovenia (as creator, scriptwriter, actor), Vida won the EBU Award (2012) for the most exciting and fresh TV format.

Her latest short films, prize-winning Sapper Smith and A Matter of Minutes, both enjoyed a highly successful run on the festivals circuit.

In her capacity as an actor, Vida is passionate about achieving genuine and fresh performances from the actors that she works with. She is also equally committed to achieving the highest value of visual aesthetics based on compelling storytelling. 

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